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Sheet Metal Cutting and Bending

  • Amada ENSIS 3015 AJZ 9000 Watt Fiber Laser 
  • Amada HG1003 ATC Press Brake 100 Metric Ton 3 Meter 
  • Amada HG1303-M30 Press Brake 143 Ton 10' 
  • Amada EM3612ZRT 33-Ton Turret Punch Press with High Capacity Tool Rack and Automatic Tool Changer
  • Amada Vipros VPZ3510 PDC Turret Punch Press with auto loader/ unloader *
  • Mazak Laser Champion 510*
  • Boschert CU Profi CNC Copper Busbar Punch/Shear Machine*
  • Salvagnini P2L-2520 Lean Panel Bender 
  • Salvagnini P2 Panel Bender
  • Amada HD 1003 ATC Press Brake
  • Amada HDS-8025 NT CNC Press Brake
  • Amada HFB CNC Press Brake
  • Chicago Model 68B Mechanical Press Brake, 8’ x 55 ton
  • Cincinnati Model 1810 Power Squaring Shear, ¼’’ x 10’


  • Fadal VMC5020A CNC Vertical Milling Center
  • Okuma Crown L1060 CNC Turning Center
  • Bridgeport Model 1J Vertical Milling Machine
  • LeBlond Model Regal Engine Lathe, 20’’ x 60’’
  • Hardinge Model DSM-59 second operation Lathe


  • ESAB Migmaster 250 Mig Welding Machines
  • ESAB Migmaster 251 Mig Welding Machines
  • Lincoln Electric SP-125 Plus Arc Welder
  • Miller Syncrowave 300 Tig Welding Machine
  • Miller DialArc HF-P Tig Welding Machine
  • Screen Pro Electronic Passivation Weld Cleaner


  • Sherwin Williams Automated Powder Coating Line with 5 stage wash system*
  • JBI 12’ X 12’ Powder Booth
  • JBI Batch Oven

Other Equipment

  • Haeger Insert Machines
  • Ercolina Pipe & Tube Bender
  • Jet CTAS-12H-1 tilting arbor saw
  • Do-All Model C-80 horizontal automatic saw
  • Flexarm Tapping Head
  • Boyer Schultz model H612 Surface Grinder


* more detailed information about this specific equipment below

CNC Laser Cutting Amada ENSIS 3015 AJZ 9000 Watt Fiber Laser

Amada ENSIS 3015 AJZ

9000 Watt Fiber Laser

Maximum material size 60″ X 120″

Maximum material thickness:

Mild steel 0.50''

Aluminum 0.25''

Copper 0.125''





Salvagnini P2L-2520

Panel Bender


Fast, precise bending for bends up to and 98.43'' long, in 12ga to 27ga sheet metal. We can create hems, integrated hinges, and precise bends up to 8'' deep.


Salvagnini P2L-2520 Lean Panel Bender


Amada Vipros 3510 Click image to watch video

Amada Vipros 3510

Combining the latest developments in CNC, machine and hydraulic punching technologies, the Vipros III is specifically designed for the high speed production of short-run sheet metal parts, especially those that incorporate forming. Up to a 20% increase in hit rate and sheet positioning speed over Vipros II model.  Click Picture to watch video of Amada at work.



(Y) 3,150 IPM


24 (1/2″)
24 (1-1/4″)
4 (2″)

2 (3-1/2″)
2 (1-1/4″ AUTO INDEX)
2 (4-1/2″ AUTO INDEX)

Mazak Laser Turbo X Champion 510 Click image to watch video

Mazak Laser Turbo X Champion 510


A workhorse with exceptional flexibility

The Super Turbo-X Champion marks a new era in laser design. Its modular construction performs continuous cutting, without changing lenses or nozzles, on different materials of varying thickness. It is a superior workhorse that can be added to an existing FMS, or easily expanded into an automated system down the road.  Non-stop cutting of different materials and thicknesses. Set-up times are slashed using the latest Mazatrol PREview. PC/CNC control Solid Takumi frame for ultimate rigidity. Constant beam length for optimum cutting 4′x 8′ worktable.  Click image to see video of Mazak at work.


Resonator: 1800W
Max. cutting thickness: 12mm mild steel*
Bed sizes: 1.25m x 2.5m, 1.5m x 3.0m
Traverse speed: 24m/min
Special features: fast set-up times with super-charged optics

Sherwin Williams Automated Powder Coat Line Click image to watch video


Sherwin Williams Automated Powder Coat Line



State of the Art Powder Wagner Coating Line by Sherwin Williams


The new Powoder Coat Line offers the most effiecent and highest quality powder coating capcity in the industry.  Some of the advantages gained are:



  • Powder Coating is a tougher finish than conventional wet paint.
  • Powder Coatings emit zero or near zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)
  • Powder Coating produces thicker coatings than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging.
  • The overspray can be recycled - reducing cost and being more enviromentally friendly.  It also produces less hazardous waste than wet paint.
  • Powder Coating allows for a large range of special effects.
  • The Batch Powder Booth is available for part too large or heavy for the conveyor, or for quick color changes.
  • Consistent surface treatment - due to 5 stage washer.
  • Consistent Film Thickness Coating - Automated guns offer great consistency of the coatings, especially in regard to texture.
  • Coat defects are virtually eliminated due to side spray application which nearly eliminates spits.
  • Consistent Film Thickness Coating - Automated guns offer great consistency of the coatings, especially in regards to texture.
  • Superior Adhesion due to proper substrate conditioning.
  • Coating Durability Enhanced due to the curing system which ensures the the parts are cured correctly for maximum durability and chemical resistance.
  • Processing time is significantly faster due to automation.
  • Labor Efficiencies are increased - less time carting time between processes, more directed to value added tasks like managing quality and production activities.

Click picture to see video of Wagner Spray guns at work.



Copper Punching Machine click image to watch video



Boschert - USA  CU Profi Model Hydraulic Copper Punching Machine






  • CNC controlled punching machine with 5 – 8 Heads using standard thick turret “B” station tools (up to 1-1/2” diameter).
  • Punching of copper bars up to 10' long (option up to 20') and with a width up to 8" and a thickness up to ½”.
  • Hydraulic system with 15 HP motor and oil chiller
  • Feeding system takes place with special clamps which ensures complete processing with little waste. This feeding unit is supported on a linar guide and AC servomotor which guarantees a repeatabilit of plus minus 0.004”.
  • Safety-protective-grating and light-barrier-system.
  • Hydraulic material clamping in y - axis on both sides of punch head ensures straight parts
  • Unloading table behind the punching head
  • User friendly graphic software
  • Automatic waste removal
  • Front table support 

Click image to see video of Boschert CU-Profi at work.



Technical Data

Punching pressure: 40 tons
Max. punch diameter: Standard 4 x 1.25” (any shape within 1.25" B-Station) 1 x Cut-off station 2.36" x 0.315" Optional up to 7 punching stations plus cut-off
Max. material thickness: Up to 0.394"copper with D. 1.25" up to 0.47" copper with max. D. 0.787"

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